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Posted on Oct 25, 2018 in Updates

October 24 Update


Repair activities planned for today are postponed until tomorrow October 25 due to difficulties in isolating and draining the targeted section of transmission main on Willowbrook Road.

We believe we have identified the problem and will try again with the same plan tomorrow. Shutdown activities will commence around midnight tonight.


Based on today’s experience, we anticipate minimal to significant pressure drop to occur in the system throughout the west side of the City and Hanover Twp – LC.

Pressures to LVIP III, Airport, and Motel Drive will be maintained via temporary pumping.


It is anticipated that the work will be completed in one day after which water pressure will be restored to normal.


With this type of change to the system, there is the possibility that discolored or cloudy water may occur.

Normal procedures for handling discolored water calls will be followed.


Edward J. Boscola, PE

Director – Water and Sewer Resources

City of Bethlehem

10 East Church Street

Bethlehem, PA 18018

Office: 610-865-7207

Cell: 610-417-2112