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Storm Water Management

Hanover Township Storm Water Management Program
Hanover Township, Lehigh County, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Hanover Township, Lehigh County is required to address the impacts of storm water runoff as part of the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Phase II of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program.

Phase I of this program focused on controlling the quantity of storm water reaching water resources in larger metropolitan areas.

Phase II focuses on improving the quality of the nation’s streams, rivers and lakes by managing storm water runoff from smaller municipalities, urban areas adjacent to municipalities and construction sites over 1 acre. These programs are intended to reduce the amount of runoff generated from new development and the levels of pollutants carried by storm water runoff.

These regulations require Hanover Township, Lehigh County to develop and implement a comprehensive storm water management program that includes six minimum control measures:

  • Educate the public about the effects of storm water runoff on water quality.
  • Involve the public as an active participant in managing storm water runoff.
  • Identify and eliminate illegal pipes, culverts and similar conveyances carrying non-storm water discharges into streams and lakes.
  • Control storm water runoff from new construction activities.
  • Control storm water runoff from development sites following construction.
  • Implement a pollution prevention program for Hanover Township’s operations including training for Township Employees.

Most water quality problems can be attributed to pollution carried by storm water runoff. These pollutants originate from a variety of sources: new construction, failing septic tanks, lawn care activities, car maintenance activities, vehicle washing and pet wastes. As these common sources of pollution suggest, we all contribute to storm water pollution, thus we can all choose to be part of the solution.

Hanover Township Storm Drains vs Sanitary Sewers
It’s important to understand the difference. Storm drains and sanitary sewers have two distinct functions. Storm drains collect and transport runoff from rainfall. Typically these are the drains found in streets and in parking lots. Storm drain systems do no remove pollutants from water before it is discharged into streams and rivers.

Sanitary sewers collect wastewater from indoor plumbing such as toilets, sinks, washing machines and floor drains and take it to a sewage treatment plant. The treatment plant removes any pollutants from wastewater before it is discharged to the river.

Hanover Township, Lehigh County invites you to participate in the Township’s storm water program.

Below is information to follow:

  • Read and follow the label directions when using fertilizers and pesticides around your home.
  • Store chemicals in a dry, safe environment and dispose of old containers properly.
  • Keep grass clippings and leaves away from streams and ditches.
  • Property owners that are not connected to Hanover Township sewer system and have a septic tank, should have it inspected annually and have it pumped every 3 to 5 years to ensure the system is functioning properly.
  • Revegetate or cover any bare areas on your lawn to reduce soil erosion.

As Township Residents and Business Owners, it is important to remember that our streams and rivers are valuable, but limited, resources.

We rely on these waters for drinking water, electricity and recreational opportunities. Their quality is important to everyone.

Please do your part in protecting our streams and rivers by adopting the common sense strategies outlined above.

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