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Township Permits

Online Government Permits

Pennsylvania is committed to drastically reducing red tape. You can find many of our Regulations and Permits Online.

Environmental Permits

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Overview of Application Process
Money-back Guarantee FAQ
List of Permits
DEP Regional Offices

Building and Workplace

List of Building and Workplace Regulations

Business Registration

Forms for Opening a Business
Business Name Registration
Employer I.D.


Highway Occupancy Permits

Peddler & Solicitor Permits

A Peddler and Solicitor Permit will be required by Hanover Township for any door-to-door sales or transactions. You will be required to show your Hanover Township Peddler and Solicitor Permit upon request. Permits are $5.00 each and valid for a period of one (1) month.

Moving Permits

Any Person(s) moving out of Hanover Township must obtain a Moving Permit. Permits are issued at the Township Building during normal business hours, Monday through Friday at a cost of $1.00. The cost of a Mobile Home Moving Permit is $2.00.

Electrical/Plumbing Permits

Permits are required by the Township for, but not limited to the following:

  1. Residential Installations
  2. Commercial/Industrial Facilities.

All permits must be picked up by persons holding a Master Plumbers or Master Electrical License from any municipality having conducted a written and drawing test that states that the applicant for the permit has passed said test. Further information for this permit can be obtained at the Township Office. Plumbing Permit Applications must also be accompanied by plans to be reviewed by the Building Inspector.

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