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Sherwood Park

The Hanover Township, Lehigh County Park System of approximately 10 acres includes three recreational areas. Sherwood Park is located at the end of Sherwood Street (1915 Sherwood Street, Allentown, PA) includes:

  • 1 baseball/softball field
  • two tennis courts
  • two basketball courts
  • a tot’s playground
  • play area for all ages
  • a pavilion area (20′ x 70′; 10 – 8′ tables; accommodates 80-100 individuals)
  • grill
  • 2 handicap porta pottys (summers only)
  • Electricity

New recreation equipment has been installed in the park and maintenance work in the park to address public safety issues has also been completed.


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How do I reserve Sherwood Park?


  • For Hanover Township, Lehigh County Residents, reservation of the pavilion areas in Sherwood Park for picnics, etc., is free with a $100.00 refundable Security Deposit.
  • For non-residents, there is a fee of $100.00, plus a $100.00 refundable security deposit.

Steps for Reserving Sherwood Park

  1. You MUST first call the Township Office at 610-264-1069 to check for park availability.
  2. If park is available, complete Web form below to reserve your date.
    1. By filling out this online form, your date is ON HOLD for one week giving you time to complete the next steps in the reservation process.
  3. Click here to download the Sherwood Park Application PDF.
    1. Complete this form.
    2. Mail it to the Township Office with your fee and security payments.
    3. If we do not receive the fee & security payments within ONE WEEK, the date will become open and may be reserved by anyone who submits the forms & money needed to reserve the park.
    4. If one week passes and you do not have your application and payment into the Township Office, you must call the Township Office again to check for park availability for your date and start the process over again.



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