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Do you need to obtain another recycling barrel or lid? Hanover Township is offering a replacement to you. You must come to the Township Building during normal business hours and provide proof of residency. We encourage all residents to clearly mark their bins & lids with their names and addresses. If you move, please leave your bin for the new owner or tenant.

Residential Recycling Collection

Items to be recycled are: clear glass, colored glass, (green & brown), plastic (PET & HDPE), aluminum cans, steel & bimetallic cans & newspapers. Each township household has a recycling container with a lid. All recyclables will be co-mingled with the exception of newspaper, which must be either bundled & tied or placed in brown paper bags. Normal collection day is Thursday morning. Put your trash & recyclables out Wednesday night. Our recycling is provide by JP Mascaro.

Commercial/Industrial Source Separation

Hanover Township, Lehigh County, by Ordinance has required that Commercial and Industrial facilities initiate their own recycling programs. Designated materials for commercial industrial source separation are as follows: Clear glass, Steel & Bimetallic cans, Colored glass (green & brown), High Grade office paper, Plastic Pet (No. 1), HDPE (No. 2), Corrugated paper, Aluminum cans, All questions relating to this program should be directed to our Recycling Coordinator, Jeffry A. Mouer at 610.264.1069.

Other Recycling

For other recycling needs, visit the Global Recycling Network site.


This page last updated on: August 21, 2013 at 3:38pm