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Northampton Regional Emergency Services – NREMS


NREMS provides both basic and advanced life support. The advanced life support is a single tier service, which means that the ambulances are staffed with registered nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and First Responders.
NREMS has established a sub-station in the Township and will communicate directly with Lehigh County 911. Residents and businesses will continue to Dial 911 for emergency ambulance service.

In accordance with the Township’s Agreement with NREMS, all residents of the Township and their families residing in the home will be provided with free emergency and medically necessary non-emergency ambulance service. Township residents pay no dues to NREMS; however, voluntary donations are excluded from the terms of the Agreement. In essence, the Agreement means that Township residents are subscribers with NREMS.

Should NREMS transport you, a resident or a member of your family, an invoice may be forwarded to you for submittal to your insurance company or there may be a written request from NREMS for you to provide them with your insurance information for their direct billing to your insurance company.

If you have no insurance to cover the services, any invoice or information request should be referred to NREMS indicating same. In no event; however, should a Township resident make personal payment of a bill to NREMS, but keep in mind that NREMS is entitled to any and all insurance monies.

Should you have further questions or concerns regarding the above information,
 please address same to the Township at:
Directly to NREMS at 610-262-0800
NREMS Facebook

This page last updated on: February 10, 2014 at 5:29pm